"On occasion you may be fortunate enough to observe someone doing what they were put on this Earth to do.  On rare occasion you recognize you are in the presence of greatness.  In a once in a lifetime occasion you become awestruck sharing a moment with someone who is both.

Crissy Lauterbach is an innovative, energetic, and gifted educator who has spent her life’s work developing future educators.  In her speaking series, she brings to life the fundamental practices necessary to reach students in your classroom.  From simple “Minute to Win It” games, to fair but firm approaches to developing relationships with students, Crissy guides teachers whether 17 or 47 to higher levels of best practices.

It would benefit any person connected with education to share in a once in a lifetime moment with Crissy.  You will leave her session feeling rejuvenated, optimistic, and ready to change the world.

Rick Pate
Director of Secondary Programs
Hamilton City School District
"I have worked with Crissy Lauterbach for over twenty years. She is clearly one of the best I have seen at communicating unique ideas to a wide range of audiences. Her creativity and ability to inspire others brings new learning to life in the classroom. She is one of those stars that make learning and growing a joy."

Keith Kline
Superintendent West Clermont Local Schools
"As a world-class educator, extraordinary speakerworld-traveler, and genuinely kind person, Crissy Lauterbach is a special person. She originated the role of Educators Rising Teacher Leader in Residence and provided extraordinary support, online and offline, to over 1,000 teachers across the country. At the Educators Rising national conference, her TED Talk, was attendees’ favorite part of the entire event, according to post-conference evaluation surveys. Teachers, students, and all other human beings love her for her wit, humor, insight, and generous spirit. I wish she could teach my kids, speak to my board of directors, and host an education rally for everyone in my community. In short, Crissy Lauterbach is a national treasure."
                                  -Dan Brown, Co-Director of Educators Rising

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