Services and Presentations
One on One Mentoring
If you are a new or veteran teacher and you want to elevate your professional delivery, one on one mentoring is for you. We can address any need in the classroom from curriculum planning to classroom management techniques. Mentoring can take place via Facetime, Skype, or personal visits. We can create a plan that works for any time frame. 

Keynote Speeches

We can develop a keynote to address your specific audience and topic that will have your attendees on their feet and motivated to change the world! Here are our current keynote addresses.

We are not the Millennials. 
Students born after 1997 are not millennials, but centennials. Who is this new generation of learners and what are they looking for in the job market and in education? Learn how to connect with the centennials in your classroom and to develop their capacity to serve in a global work force.

Not Just a Thank You.
The power of the written word is not lost in this digital world. Our words to students, parents, and community members shape their lives every single day. A simple comment in the hall or on a paper can change the trajectory of a student forever. I have developed this keynote address to demonstrate the power of a teacher’s voice in my own life and how it changed my life forever. Teachers will walk away mindful of their engagement with stakeholders and energized to be in our profession.

Teachers are the Real Rock Stars!
This keynote address is developed to invigorate, appreciate, and remind teachers why they entered into the profession. It is interactive between participants and the speaker while utilizing music to energize the audience. A great kick off for any conference.

The Gift of Teaching
This keynote address creates an appreciative environment that reminds teachers of the lasting impact they have on their students. If your morale is lagging, this will set you on fire to improve your school and professional culture.

There is Power in Teaching
Have you ever been on an elevator and asked what you do for a living? How did you respond? This motivational speech will show the true power of education to change lives and the world through love, honoring ourselves, and moving mountains to achieve success.

Be Legendary!
Go from the classroom to the dinner table in a heartbeat with this interactive speech focusing on what keeps people in our profession and what a difference we make in every child’s life. Be the teacher they remember forever.

Teach Like TED
Take the principles of a TED talk and put them into play in your classroom or school.  Learn how to captivate, engage the affective domain, and turn people on to the true essence of learning!
Breakout Sessions
Stop Reading off Your Power Point!
If you are tired of students reading off their Power Points, not facing the audience, and not being a master of their content in a presentation, then this interactive seminar is for you! Through the power of Pecha Kucha my students’ presentation have been elevated to a professional level with concise information, strong visuals, and impeccable timing. Instructors will walk away with a mini lesson on Pecha Kucha that will enhance any lab or CTSO presentation.  Be prepared to laugh, to work, and to change your own presentation game.

Click, Clack, Podcast?  
Communication in the modern world is not as easy as typing a snail mail letter anymore.  Educators must be savvy when it comes to digital communication in the global workforce. Podcasts, blog entries, memes, YouTube videos and Facebook Live segments are all becoming part of the educational and business world. In this interactive seminar, you will learn how to format and implement each of these digital communications into your classroom and creative student projects that can be used in any content area.

Abracadabra Educators are Magic! 
Is it magic or well-trained educators who stacks the deck in their students’ favor that create the magic in education?  Developing a positive professional rapport within the classroom that fosters leadership, creativity, and critical thinking skills will blow any audience away. Pick up some tricks of the trade and set up your students for a great year of learning.

  Break Me Out of Here! 
Escape rooms are the new rage across America. Learn how to turn your classroom into an escape room that will put your students’ critical thinking skills, problem solving abilities, and collaboration skills to the test. Experience the process first hand, create or order your own escape box, and learn how to write scenarios for your specific curriculum.   Enter if you dare!
It’s all about rapport, rapport! NO trouble!
Successfully removing social barriers from the classroom is rooted in creating a strong rapport between everyone in the learning environment. If you want to get past the “Get To Know You Games” and develop a deep meaning of student value and personal worth in your classroom, join us for this interactive seminar that gets to the heart of the matter and gives you three activities that can be used in any classroom to create awareness of diversity, commonality of life, and self -actualization.  Post- Secret, Red Ribbon Day, and the power of the written word will revolutionize your classroom and you.

You Get What You Give! 
This hands-on seminar will focus on the use of positive thinking techniques and feedback to achieve a strong rapport in the classroom. Activities will focus on team building and feedback skills that can be used immediately with secondary students in any content area.  Short video clips, simulations, and games will illustrate the power of positive feedback. Be prepared to get up and move!

Team Work Isn’t Always Dream Work!
Pick a partner go! Those words echo in 21st Century Skill based classrooms, but students rarely choose their team members wisely. In this interactive seminar, participants will experience various team activities that can be used immediately in their classroom to teach effective group and teaming skills. Hula hoops and toxic sludge are just a few of the materials we will use to learn the five tenants of effective teams.

Rock the House
Did you know you are only supposed to use music 30% of the time in class to be effective? Creating a learning environment that incorporates music takes more than just turning the radio on during group work. In this rocking seminar, you will physically experience the impact of music in the classroom, learn how to incorporate the musical/rhythmical intelligence effectively into any lesson, and how to use music as a classroom management technique.

No Boobs, No Butts, No Bellies!
Dress for success and blow them out of the water with your soft skills. Jump right into learning how to teach soft skills in your classroom through various activities and professional based simulations for any career pathway.

Engage Me!
Tired of hearing that digital learning is the only way to engage the modern learner? Then let’s go old school, but good school on your students. Experience ten tried and true ways to motivate your students to engage in your classroom and find meaningful learning in your curriculum. Increase productivity and the desire to succeed in all of your students.

Walk a Mile in My Shoes.
 Have you ever wondered what it is really like to have a special learning need or what goes on in the brain of a child with ADHD? You can only experience it if you walk a mile in their shoes. This seminar will give you the opportunity to experience four special learning needs and to explore techniques that fully incorporate students with learning challenges in your classroom.

Rock the Social Media like a Hipster!
Feeling a bit old school? This interactive seminar will help you revive your glory days of creative projects, fun homework, and a social media bank account that any teaching rock star would be proud of! Learn how to use Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to enhance your curriculum and your professional organization. Attendee will leave with four project ideas for next year and the tech savvy to incorporate them into their daily routine.